is that it?



Life is hopefully not just about ‘surviving’. You may be going through problems at the moment that take up all your time and thought. But at some point most people start wondering about just what they are doing with their life. For a few ideas about what or how to change, read on.

Stuck in a job you hate? Check the papers to see what jobs are out there, even if you don’t have the qualifications or experience yet. Send for the information to see if it interests you and what you would need to do to get it. If you see someone doing something that interests you, ask them about it and how they got into it.

Return to education or training. There are courses available that will fit in around your life. Do an evening class in something you enjoy.

Talk to as many people as you can about your ideas; they can help you make plans, offer ideas you never thought about and help you look at what skills you have. Seek specialist advice as well.

Check out the library or bookshops for ‘self-help’ books to give you inspiration and the confidence to kickstart your ideas or to change something abut yourself or your life that you are not happy with. They are available on anything from giving up smoking to giving up a damaging relationship.

The internet has lots of useful information. Use it for free (and get help getting started if you’ve never used it!) at YES, York Central Library, local libraries, or The Basement Youth Project at City Screen (11-18’s) (The Basement also does drama, film-making, web journalism, arts, music, computer games…)

Check out the youth information website for ideas and information.

York Central Library and the Yortime website have information about what’s on in York, leisure, sporting opportunities and more.